Coralview Beach Resort | A Relaxing Getaway in Morong, Bataan - How She Wanders
I’m pretty sure most of us (if not all) already came to a point wherein all we want to do is to just relax. Doing something over and over again for a long time makes us feel worn out and the best solution we have is to pause for a while and do something different from the daily routine. Because sometimes, the most productive and fruitful thing to do is to rest. Last week, we went to Morong, Bataan to have that much deserved vacation. We’ve been constantly operating and managing our business so we thought what we badly needed is a break from what we’re doing for at least a day or two. I looked for a place and found this nice and chic setting at Coralview Beach Resort just around Morong, Bataan. What we loved about Coralview Beach Resort 1. Relaxing and chill ambiance The resort features three swimming pools with jacuzzi available for guests which means people won’t all get squeezed in a single pool, thus creating that not-so-crowded feel. We all know that too much crowd and noise reduces the relaxing atmosphere that’s why this is one of the important factors we always consider when looking for a place to swim and relax. Another thing that adds to the relaxing ambiance is the abundance of trees that not only provide the much-needed shade, but also produces a tropic and laid-back feel. You will not get sun-burnt while swimming and strolling around, and you’ll breathe in clean and fresh air. 2. Classy and chic impression Not only that it’s relaxing and chill, it also has that classy vibe! As backpackers, we’re so used to rustic and rural settings so it’s nice to experience something different from the usual countryside vibe. While it looks classy, the overall structural build of the resort remains simple and minimalist. Glass doors and plain white walls are definitely my thing. It looks clean and prim. 3. Kid-friendly beach This was what really blew my mind. I never expected the water at the beach could be that calm and still. It actually looked more like a lake than a sea! Sir Jun shared the secret. It was actually all thanks to the coral reef that serves as barrier to protect the shoreline from huge waves. The beach is clean, no trashes found except from the seaweeds and dead corals washed up on the shore. The coral reef is just few meters from the shore and even becomes visible during low tide. Also, the sea floor slopes down very gently so moms and dads could really sit back and relax as they watch their kids swimming and wading in the calm water and playing in the off-white sands! As a tita who loves her nieces and nephews too much, I certainly consider this as a major plus point. I’ll definitely bring them with me when we come back! 4. Clean and green setting Another thing that makes people come back is cleanliness. Without cleanliness, all other pros will be void. Thankfully, Coralview Beach Resort did not disappoint us when it comes to that very important aspect! Not even a single trash was spotted within the area. What we’ve actually seen were the staff alternately sweeping and roaming around to make sure everything’s neat and orderly. Even the owner, Sir Jun, was very hands-on in running the resort! 5. It’s perfect for millennials! I’m actually amazed by the fact that the resort is very much updated with current trends. Lots of signage with millennial phrases were installed on coconut trees! If you can’t find the right words to express your thoughts, or you don’t have the courage to say it out loud, they solved that problem for you! Other Activities Aside from swimming and beach bumming, here are other activities you can try to keep yourselves occupied. Go kayaking. As I’ve said, the water is super calm and safe which makes it perfect for this kind of activity. Banana boat. Bring your squad to this thrilling ride and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins! They also have Jetski but can only be used for banana boat ride. Beach volleyball. For all the volleyball fanatics, enjoy playing your favorite sport on the clean off-white sands! The designated area is spacious enough for this activity. Island hopping. There are boatmen at the beach offering this kind of activity for 200 PHP per person. Do take note though that Coralview Beach Resort will not be liable for any damage you may experience as they don’t handle this certain activity. How to get there Via commute: 1. Take a bus bound to Olonggapo. Victory Liner has direct trips to Olongapo. Fare is around 226 php from Cubao. 2. Ride a yellow jeepney (9 php) going to SBMA/SM Olonggapo, then walk across the bridge and keep walking on the left side until you reach the terminal (just in front of Jollibee). 3. Ride a jeepney (50 php) to Morong Town 4. Charter a tricycle (50 php) to Coralview Beach Resort Via private vehicle: Just waze Coralview Beach Resort, or you may follow the instructions provided by Coralview here. Rates Entrance Fee for Day Tour: Adult (4 ft. and above) = 200/head Children below 4 ft. = 150/head Room Rates: They have a total of 12 types of room accommodation but in here I’ll just give you a quick reference: Single Room (good for 2pax) = 3,200 PHP inclusive of breakfast and entrance fee Quad Room (good for 4pax) = 4,000 PHP inclusive of breakfast and entrance fee Family Room (good for 8pax) = 7,500 PHP inclusive of breakfast and entrance fee Dormitory Room (good for 10pax) = 5,600 PHP inclusive of entrance fee but no breakfast Cabaña (good for 20pax) = 2,300 PHP per day For complete rates, please click here. Note: Price may change according to season Schedule Overnight Stay: 2PM check-in; 12NN check-out Day Tour: 8AM to 6PM Night Tour: 8PM to 7AM Contact Details For bookings and inquiries, you may contact Coralview Beach Resort via: Mobile number: 09128234779 or 09173838592 Email: Facebook Website More photos for inspiration! Acknowledgement My heartfelt thanks to Sir Jun and Ms. Camille of Coralview Beach Resort for hosting us and allowing us to have a memorable stay! Disclaimer: While our stay was courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone. Related