Under the Radar in Port Antonio Jamaica
Port Antonio, Jamaica has the unique distinction of being "in" and yet largely unknown. Dating back to the 50s when Errol Flynn fell in love with the astonishing beauty of the area, Port Antonio has always attracted the in-the-know traveler while remaining under the radar to the masses. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Northeast Jamaica, sleepy Port Antonio remains off the beaten path. This is the old Jamaica, free of huge all-inclusive resorts and packaged tours. It is friendly, relaxed and authentic. It has been a bolthole for Hollywood stars, pop stars, European royalty and jet setters but it is also the go-to place for anyone seeking spellbinding natural beauty in a carefree slightly bohemian setting. In this place where dramatic mountains descend to white sand beaches along clear calm waters there is surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking or just lounging on a beach. The place to stay in this tropical eden is Hotel Mockingbird Hill. The hotel embodies the Port Antonio vibe.