London streets, where I found my Buzzard wings! | Honey Buzzard
Your first time of doing something is always special. London for me is special because London for me is a lot of "first time things"! Long back in Sep, 2007 when I visited London, strolling around the streets, I was completely dazzled as a young girl, as it was…. the first place I traveled outside my country. my first travel with friends. the first trip with my then boyfriend and now husband. I may be unaware then, but now I think, this is where the journey of Honey Buzzard started! 9 years later I visited London streets again, just in time to bring in the autumn 2016 and chase down the memory lane….. …..and what better time to return to the lane of my memories, than autumn, when the London streets looks like life in sepia mode, a perfect setting to take me back in time. 9 years ago when I visited, it was autumn too, nothing has really changed about London streets in autumn. The added population of umbrellas, sub-due hues of the sky, crunch of leaves beneath your feet, washed off roads
Honey Buzzard