Quest for #7 Begins!
Well I spent way too much money yesterday at Home Depot. I hate going to those places because it is so damn tempting to pretty much run up and down each aisle and shove every damn thing in your cart! I did get the necessities but when it was all said and done; did I really need a new hedge clipper and a new fertilizer spreader (or whatever the hell it is actually called)? Oh well. I also got a chance (obviously since I wasn’t with my daughter) to relax and have a good lunch at arguably the best buffet known to man – Ponderosa. Don’t tell me that everyone out there doesn’t crave those wings and mashed potatoes from Ponderosa from time to time! I am loyal to that place and for all of you who think that Hoss’ can even come close to holding Ponderosa’s jock, you need to get real! The Nook for dessert tops everything so don’t even … Continue reading »