Nothing like The Sheep Sermon to make you feel stupid, disgusting, and useless
Not long ago I visited a church where I got to hear The Sheep Sermon again. It had been quite a while, years I guess. But The Sheep Sermon hadn't changed a whole lot over the years. It even still had the part about the broken leg. You may have heard some version of it, but this version started with Isaiah 53:6. All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned every one to his own way, And the Lord has laid on Him The iniquity of us all. I noticed that the preacher assumed that the "we" referred to us Christians, right now. He also assumed that the "have gone" means presently, right now. Then he proceeded to spend a very long time telling us what sheep are like, the essence of which boiled down to his three points: Sheep are dumb. Sheep are defenseless. Sheep are directionless. Because his description was at times even disgusting, I was thinking maybe there should have been a fourth point: Sheep are disgusting. (That had to do with how filthy they can be, and I won't go into it