Not really six months of silence
I haven't written anything for my Here's the Joy devotional blog for over six months. But I really have been doing a lot of writing. In December I wrote a blog post for the Desiring God website. In the spring I wrote and presented a three-hour presentation on domestic abuse for a local church here in Greenville, SC, based largely on Unholy Charade, as well as my own personal interaction with domestic abuse survivors. (I'm happy to say it was well received.) In the spring we posted on BJUGrace the stories of several abuse survivors who decided to name their common perpetrator. This included many hours of research and interviews, as well as a visit to an attorney. In the spring I wrote a devotional book based on stories in the missionary books and biographies I've written, with another one in process. In the first six months of 2016 I've written in my journal as many words as were in the first book I wrote. (That's about 30,000, in case you're wondering.) I've written partial