A Difficult Act to Follow: Stories & Essays 1969-1979 | Henry James Korn
Written by Henry James Korn Paperback, 72 pages Published: 1980 by Assembling Press ISBN 10: 0915066384 A Difficult Act to Follow: Stories & Essays 1969-1979 by Henry James Korn SUMMARY A masterful collection of contemporary myths in which Jack Spratt, Howard Hughes, King Kong, Groucho Marx, Charles Dickens, Sparky Anderson, Norman Mailer, George Steinbrenner, Fidel Castro and Edward Kennedy appear and reappear in fact and fiction in a panoply of cultural history by the author of Muhammad Ali Retrospective and Amerikan Krazy. REVIEWS AND COMMENTS "Henry James Korn's sensibility is leavened by ingenuous appreciation for pop products enabling him to walk a wire teetering between naïveté and didacticism without losing his balance, a feat that makes Henry James Korn a true humorist rather than just another cynic. While moral and political concerns are strongly evident, the author seldom permits them to dominate the scene. His world is fully objectified. Images of extraordinary