Drugs, Revolution and Rock & Roll: How I Lost My Political Virginity at the Morrison HotelHenry James Korn | Henry James Korn
A few weeks ago artist Glenn Brooks asked an interesting question about Amerikan Krazy on my author page at Goodreads.com. I thought I'd share the answer with everyone here as well. Question Glenn Brooks asked Henry James Korn: "You use several song lyrics throughout your book, some more subtly than others. On page 60 you use the term "Dusky Jewel" and on page 88 "Roman wilderness of pain" my question is: Are you a Doors fan? were you fortunate enough to see them live? and, if so, do you think this experience (coupled with the 60's "tune in, turn on and drop out" mentality in some camps) influenced/affected your writing?" Answer Thank you for noting that Amerikan Krazy contains references to consciousness-changing music by The Doors, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and more. Like many in my generation, folk and rock music strongly influenced my socialization and political development. As I think back on those years, my prototypical Woodstock-like communal experience occurred at the Newport