This Halloween, Be the Talk of the Party – The New York TimesHenry James Korn | Henry James Korn
This Halloween, Be the Talk of the Party - The New York Times Conceptual costumes are hot. Here’s how to stand out. It's almost like this article is straight out of The Proceedings of the National Academy of the Avant Garde. By SAM APPLE on OCT. 29, 2015 EVERYONE knows that a brilliant conceptual costume will make you the star of the Halloween party. But with each passing year, it becomes harder to stand out. If you really want other partygoers to be surprised and delighted when you reveal “what you are,” these overlooked costumes are sure to be a hit. The Red Carpet Treatment Spend entire party rubbing stain remover into small strip of red carpeting. Going Out on a Limb Arrive at party, then immediately leave and spend rest of evening sitting on a branch in the backyard. Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness Dress as the pope. Lather everyone on dance floor with enormous amounts of Purell. The Calm Before the Storm Spend most of party relaxing on couch. As things are winding down,