45th Anniversary Re-release of The Pontoon Manifesto: Electronic Edition | Henry James Korn
A DIGITAL PONTOON Back in the late sixties, I wrote an experimental and formally innovative work of fiction entitled The Pontoon Manifesto. It's had various print incarnations, some better than others in terms of relaying the intended meaning of my experiment. Forty-five years on, I am proud to present a new and unlimited edition electronic Pontoon powered by a web-based randomizer which reorders the paragraphs at the click of a button. This gives The Pontoon Manifesto new life in a technological form unavailable at the time of its writing. According to Richard Kostelanetz, critic, curator, editor, and visual poet, "Henry James Korn's Pontoon Manifesto is a pioneering modular fiction." This late 1960's literary experiment anticipated major themes, characters, and plot points in my forthcoming 2015 novel Amerikan Krazy. The Pontoon Manifesto was initially floated in a pair of early 1970's paperback offshoots of New American Review. For the Print Purists In 1975, my experiment was