Hemp Out Announces The MANNA Project - Hemp Out
We take Animal Wellness seriously…introducing The MANNA Project…. All for the love of the Horse! The MANNA project is passionate about facilitating and expanding the use of hemp and hemp derived CBD. Our goal is to share the same health benefits with our pets that we are experiencing ourselves, This project is the platform I have chosen to launch of our specially formulated CBD for horses. It is inspired of love and admiration for the Equine athlete, and the men and women who devote their lives caring for, training, and competing with these majestic animals. The goal is to simultaneously target, treat, and prevent some of the key issues discussed among horse owners, specifically; Chronic soreness and inflammation, Hypertension and anxiety Body, coat and hoof condition Maladies if the gastro-intestinal system showing high efficacy in the treatment of ulcerative conditions. We bring you the highest quality hemp extracts, certified 3rd party lab testing and access to ever expanding education. We are passionate about supporting superior health, condition and performance in all agriculture and equine sports, we offer this support through education about the benefits of hemp and CBD for our animals. ● CBD (cannabidiol) is non psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. Because our CBD is extracted with patented technology from organic HEMP, all of MANNA products are THC and GMO fee. ● CBD, a powerful anti inflammatory and analgesic that is effective for the treatment of anxiety, arthritis, soreness, age, gastrointestinal ulcers,metabolic disorders and seizures ● This product line is made for horses, but given the versatility of hemp, all of our horse products can be used for dogs, cats, cows, sheep, pigs…and the list goes on! Want to know more about the MANNA Hemp brand http://www.hempout.com/product/hemp-oil-extract-for-horses-30-ml-600-mg/