Target Spring 2018 Beauty Preview - Hello Miss Niki
On Thursday, February 1, I attended the Target Spring 2018 Beauty Preview. I honestly look forward to these Target events for several reasons. Besides the fact that so many exciting new products are showcased, and I’m one of the few that get to see them first, the event itself is a very small, informative and personable… an overall relaxing evening. It’s just so nice to speak with those who are involved with these Target brands one-on-one, and it’s great that everyone gets to make their way around the room at their own pace. Spring 2018 is a very exciting season, as there are many launches that I’m pretty pumped about! Be warned – this post is photo heavy, but enjoy! Like most Target events, I got to go with my friend, Carla (Fashion Maven… Mommy). When she told me she was attending, I was psyched! While she and I talk all the time and keep in touch, I realized I haven’t seen her in well over a year. Crazy! But no matter how much time passes, when we hang out, we don’t skip a beat and we always have a fantastic time together. Another reason why I love these Target