Anthology: Wry Out West | H.E. Bulstrode
Five twisted tales of the uncanny, ranging from the acid-fried esoteric oddity of 'Gwydion's Dawn', to the occult deception of a village cunning man in 'The Cleft Owl'; the psychological horror and disorientation of '3:05 am', to the vengeful spite of the senior 'lady' of the house in 'Old Crotchet', and the sardonic supernatural satire of 'Agnes of Grimstone Peverell'. If your tastes should incline towards the genres of dark, or historical, fiction, folk horror, ghost stories and black humour, then you will find much here to suit your palate. A psychedelic wannabe Crowley in crushed velvet, a centuries-old feminine presence with a pronounced proprietorial streak, a television set with a mind of its own, a pious minster guide with decidedly unchristian inclinations, and a roguish practitioner of the occult arts, all await your acquaintance within. And now, dear reader, we begin.