Happy Birthday Delilah and Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers Day 14 | Heart Like a Dog
My grandmother was a huge influence in my life. It's a wonderful grandmother who can convince every one of her grandchildren that they were her favorite. My grandmother was that woman. Between my two sisters and I, each one of us would swear that we were her favorites. My grandmother died six weeks shy of my 19th birthday and 4 weeks shy of the birth of my twin daughters. While she is gone she is never, ever forgotten, so when Delilah came to us and her birthday was estimated as December I polled my sisters to see if they'd mind if Delilah shared my grandmother's birthday. Thank God they said yes, cause I would've done it anyway. ;-) They probably knew that though...LOL So today is the day we celebrate the life of two beautiful beings. One being my grandmother, a woman who guided and nurtured me from infancy to adulthood. The other being Delilah who has given me one hell of a ride these last six years. Delilah, Miss D, D, Pretty Girl, Sweet Lips, Sweet Pea, DEE-LIE-LAH!, DEE-LIE