The Art of a Dog Fart | Heart Like a Dog
Am I right in saying all dogs fart? What do you do when your dog farts? If you're like me, you either cover your nose or you laugh. Most dogs I know of have those quiet but (mostly) deadly farts. The kind that stinks up on you and takes you by surprise, because there is no notice. Not Delilah. Delilah farts like a human. I was sitting on the couch, eating a snack. Sampson and Delilah were sitting in front of me, patiently waiting for me to drop or give them something. All of a sudden there was a loud noise, like someone blew a raspberry. I looked at Delilah, my eyes wide and she, ever so casually, turned and looked at her butt. I busted out laughing and Hubby said, what did she do? I couldn't talk, I was laughing too hard. Seen about town. We've had some decent snow here in the northeast. When I went over to watch my grandchildren last Saturday I took a picture of the snowman my sweet little grandson made. Good thing I took it on my way in, it had fallen over by the time I left.