Are Your Dog's Anal Glands Causing a Stink? | Ruff Ideas
Are Your Dog's Anal Glands Causing a Stink? It's a delicate matter but something all dogs share. If you're lucky you may never have to worry about them, but if you're not so fortunate you may become more acquainted with your dog's anal glands than you ever dreamed. Just saying hello All dogs have a small gland located on each side of their rectal opening. Under ordinary circumstances these little sacs never give any problems. Actually, your dog uses them all the time. Every time he potties or meets another dog and raises his tail in greeting the pressure releases a little of his own personal scent from the glands. That's why dogs are always so interested in sniffing another dog's tail area. And why dogs seem obsessed with smelling where another dog has used the bathroom. These little anal gland excretions are full of important information about the other dog. This exchange of information goes on all the time, right under your nose, so to speak, and most of the time you never have a