Barksgiving – Thank your dog for their unconditional love | Ruff Ideas
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all that you're grateful for. It's for gathering with loved ones around the table and enjoying a feast filled with all your favorite foods. Of course, if you have a dog or two, they'll probably want to be part of the celebration too! And who isn't thankful for their canine friends? While it's tempting to slip them a little food from your plate -- especially since they are so very good at guilting you with those big, sweet puppy dog eyes – you have to be careful. Many of our holiday favorites are actually dangerous for dogs. Vet clinics around the country usually see an uptick in pancreatitis, food poisoning and blockages after the holidays – usually caused by loving pet parents slipping their dogs some tasty treats off of their plates. But don't fret! There are many traditional holiday favorites that are actually safe for dogs -- just without the added fat, sugar, or spices you might include on yours. Here are a few foods you can slip your pup on