Help For Nervous Dogs During Holiday Craziness | Ruff Ideas
Your nervous or anxious dog may exhibit some behaviors around the busy holiday seasons that are atypical during her normal daily routine. Loud noises, screaming babies, and the bustle of people coming in and out of your home may cause her to retreat and try to find a place to hide. She may become unexpectedly aggressive around strangers (and visiting dogs) who are moving in on “her” family and territory. She may become over-excited and jump and nip at young children or adults who are trying to play with her. If you’re leaving for a holiday away from her, she may become anxious as you pack and prepare to leave, craving constant contact or proximity to you. Veterinary behaviorists say that the first step to overcoming these problems is by totally avoiding the situations causing your dog’s anxiety. Asking your youngest family members to stay away from your get-togethers or your guests to whisper is probably not going to win you points as a favorite party host, so you may want to consider