How to Cure a Dog’s Bad Breath | Ruff Ideas
by Cate Burnette, RVT Stinky dog breath is most often caused by an accumulation of bacteria and decomposing food particles in your pooch’s mouth. As he eats, tiny bits of whatever he consumes get trapped between his teeth and, if left in his mouth, cause a brown, tacky substance called plaque, or tartar. When the tartar hardens on the tooth, it becomes a solid, concrete-like substance called calculus. It’s the tartar and the calculus in your dog’s mouth that traps the bacteria and allows it to grow in that warm, moist environment causing periodontal disease. Not only does that bacteria smell bad, it can travel throughout your dog’s body, causing infection and possible heart and kidney disease. As a pet parent, you have several options to help cure that bad breath. Veterinary Teeth Cleaning During your dog’s annual exam, your veterinarian examines his mouth checking for bad teeth, inflamed gums, and any unusual tumors or growths. Typically, if your dog shows signs of periodontal