What would you do if your dog had an emergency? | Ruff Ideas
Handy First Aid Supplies for Your Dog Did you know that April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month? So, we are here to make you aware! As a dog owner, you may be faced with the frightening situation of having to provide first aid for your dog after an accident or injury. Whether your dog has had an altercation with another dog, been hit by a car, or is suffering from heat stroke, you need to know how to help him, and have the necessary equipment handy. It's a great idea to take a pet first aid course so you know what to do in an emergency. You can also put together a first aid kit for your dog which contains medication and supplies that you need should you have to use your first aid training. Here is a list of useful items for your dog first aid kit: Sleepytime Tonic. After an injury, you can expect your dog to be very frightened and anxious. Sleepytime Tonic contains natural herbal ingredients that will relax him and reduce his anxiety within 20 minutes. Give it to your dog straight