Eliminating Static in Your Dog’s Coat | Ruff Ideas
Eliminating static charge doesn’t have to be a pain Static charge can build up in your dog’s coat just as it can in your own hair. Have you ever been brushing your hair and gotten zapped by a little charge? It hurts, doesn’t it? Well, your dog doesn’t like it either! My dogs have long hair that require frequent brushing so I have to do what I can to keep the static out of their coats when I’m brushing them. It’s not always easy. Static can be caused by dry, cool air in your house or rubbing and building up an electrical charge on the carpet or an area rug. Any type of friction can build up some static so even brushing your dog can create static if you do it vigorously enough. But there are some solutions! Reduce the friction! Sometimes increasing the humidity in your home can reduce the static charge in the atmosphere and in your dog’s coat. You may wish to get a humidifier for you house to raise the humidity. This can be good for both you and your dog. Grooming