Is there really any difference between dog shampoo & human shampoos? | Ruff Ideas
We hear this question all the time-- "what's the difference between my shampoo and my dog's shampoo?" You may be surprised to learn that a lot is different. Of course, if you run out of Fido's shampoo and you use your own to wash your dog a couple of times, nothing will happen. Your dog's hair won't fall out and life will probably go on as normal. But there are areas in which human and dog shampoos differ. You may not notice the ill effects of human shampoo if used only a couple of times, but after repeated use, you'll start to see. 1. Ingredients. Dog's have different problems that humans do. We usually don't sit around and scratch our heads as much as dogs scratch. This is because dog's eliminate toxins differently than we do. We can sweat them out. Since dogs really don't sweat, their toxins are eliminated through their kidneys and bowels. Try an all natural herbal detoxifier that you add to your dog's food. As a topical solution to relieve itchy skin and soothe skin inflammations