About Me
Hamish Joy is a man of few words, but thankfully (or thanknotsofully, depending on how you view it), he can REALLY stretch those few words to make up one full page. He currently works (?) in the United Arab Emirates as a Qualitative market researcher. Little can be explained about this position, except that it involves long periods of intense thoughts, often wrongly interpreted as 'sleeping on the job'. This is possibly due to the involuntary auditory reactions accompanying these long periods - specifically, their uncanny resemblance to snores. Rumors abound that he is a weird character - moody, lethargic and eccentric in turns, but this is merely an exaggeration. If you were to ask his batch-mates from both Engineering and MBA about him, they would be quick to respond, saying " Uh? Hamish who? Never heard of him". However, if you are persistent and lucky enough to find some of his actual friends, they would say "Oh, Hamish? Sure I know him. He was a weird character - moody, lethargic