Learn about Solar & Opportunity for Volunteering to Install Rooftop PV with a Nonprofit
Thinking about solar energy for your home? Interested in volunteering to help with rooftop PV installations? If either of these is the case, please consider the two free workshops being offered on Sat, Dec 9 in Cupertino by SunWork Renewable Energy Projects (sunwork.org):Dec 9 (Sat), 9:0am-noon, VOLUNTEER SOLAR INSTALLATION TRAINING (covers the basics of electricity, solar technology, the installation process, tools, safety, etc.)Dec 9 (Sat), 12:15-1:30pm, GOING SOLAR WORKSHOP for homeowners considering solar (covers the basics of PV systems, technology options, economics, Net Energy Metering, purchasing tips, etc.)To register for either or both workshops go to sunwork.org/events. For more info, email info@sunwork.org or call 408-246-8478. No prior experience of any type is needed, but registration is required.SunWork is a small nonprofit that installs rooftop PV systems for low-electricity-using homeowners -- those who use less than $100/mo on average (excluding electric-vehicle usage). SunWork also does installations for other nonprofits, such as churches, homeless shelters, etc. Its mission is to make solar energy more available and affordable to these markets which are often overlooked by for-profit installers. At the same time, SunWork provides training and real-world rooftop volunteer experience for those looking for green careers and those who simply want to help change the world one rooftop at a time.SunWork is more affordable for homeowners and nonprofits because of its cadre of trained volunteers who help install rooftop systems under the direction of the professional Project Leads. Once volunteers take the 3-hr. training, they're eligible to participate in SunWork's installations and get hands-on experience.