Top Golf Club Packing Tips | Golf is Hard TV
This is a guest post from Fastlane International. Apologies for the currency being in £ - they are a UK based company. We know a real player values the tools of his or her trade. You might not be a Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman or a Tiger Woods, but you're as dedicated as they come. Whatever the reason for needing to ship your clubs, you'll benefit from these insider tips. Maybe you've just swapped your driver with a Taylor Made R15 or you've finally gotten around to clearing out the attic. If you are shipping a club to a buyer, you'll probably have a golfing eBay store. It goes without saying you'll want to be extra cautious to avoid it being damaged in transit. The last thing you want is a refund, a bad review or a damage claim. Speaking of which, most courier services offer insurance cover for high-value items. Make sure you read the fine print and the packaging guidelines before booking your collection. Save on Baggage Fees Calling all golfing enthusiasts! If you would like to send