GolfisHardTV vs. LifeisHardTV | Golf is Hard TV
What is the first thing you usually do when you get off the golf course? Although your options are many, chances are they include grabbing a bite and/or a beverage at the 19th hole, or heading home to finish off your latest home improvement project. Perhaps you need to stop by the wine shop to pick up something nice for your dinner guests? Or maybe you believe that although you just spent 5 hours on the golf course, you didn't get much real exercise, so you're off for a workout. Whatever you typically do after a round, be sure to check out first. With close to 40 video posts to date, and many more to come, chances are we talking about something in which you are interested. Let's take a look at what both GIHTV and LIHTV have to offer: GolfisHardTV LifeisHardTV golf instruction wine education golf humor laughs with Larry free