TaylorMade’s Neat Custom Fitting Web Site | Golf is Hard TV has a very slick (but who knows how good) custom fitting application on their web site. They let you plug in tons of stuff like typical distance, shaft type and accuracy (you drop balls on a fairway, err, in the rough). Once you finish, you click the recommendation button and voila.. time to buy a new driver!The site is suggesting that I get the r7 CGB Max, 9.5 loft. Yea, not this year (unless TaylorMade wants to be my first sponsor and sends me one)... Loftr7 CGB MAX players who generate average distance with their driver typically achieve the best results in terms of distance with a medium-to-high degree of loft, which delivers the optimum combination of high launch angle and low spin-rate. ShaftThe shaft and its specific performance characteristics are recommended based on your swing style and skill level; on your current shaft's flex and weight; and on your current driver distance, trajectory and shot-shape. Shaft FlexBased on your current shaft's flex and on the