| How IT has changed & the comeback of some old brandsGerard Geerlings
Ian West, VP Analytics & Information Management at Cognizant, published below picture on LinkedIn about how things have changed over the last 50 years in IT and got more than a thousand like in the last 10 days. In this blog some comments on this. As lecturer information management, I'm always interested in pictures like this which could help explaining IT, there is so much going on in IT that an overview like this could help. The newest generation students has grown up in this century and are very good at working with smartphones and tablets but understanding the difference between data and information is already a big challenge for them... What would I tell them when showing this picture? I would tell them I agree with the phases when looking back although I miss one big development which had a big influence on IT: the availability of large data centers which made both the cloud, social media, big data and the IoT possible. And these big databases have become the backbone for