On Brexit: Vote Yes for Europe! | What's going on?
Dear Britain's, It has always been great fun working with you, playing football against one of your teams, drinking your whiskey and appreciating your great sense of humor. Having worked in London I always enjoyed the International climate in the UK where people from all over the world were working together on great projects. As European I would be very disappointed when you should decide to leave the EU because I'm afraid there will be all kinds of restrictions on working together and uncertainties on what will be the economic impact, not only for you but also for us fellow Europeans. Once the decision of leaving is made there is no way back and it will give the more undemocratic movements in Europe big influence on the political agenda for the coming years. Please vote for Europe and work with us on a better future for all Europeans! Yours sincerely, Gerard Geerlings - The Netherlands Naschrift 24 juni 2016 Helaas heeft de UK gisteren besloten uit de EU te stappen waardoor de