CITY VIEWS | A Day At The Top -
Ok City fans, take a deep breath and sing with me… “We are top of the league, said we are top of the league” It may only be for a fleeting moment but why not sit back and soak it in. It’s been a long road and we are still miles from our destination but sometimes to reach the pinnacle you need to stop, take a sneak peak, a deep breath and soak in certain moments. By the end of Saturday night City will relinquish top position and we will once again be thrown into a battle of four very good teams competing for an important top two position that will enable the club to host their first ever preliminary final. Whilst we are still a month out from finals football, last night’s win puts the club in a situation where we hold our own destiny in our hands. Nine points from our remaining three games will ensure this. This task won’t be easy and it cannot be expected we will achieve maximum points but if we are striving to achieve the ultimate success expectations need to be high. Over the last Fortnight City have proven to not only to [...]