Dendrobium Orchids
Flower Pictures Of Dendrobium Orchids Basic Dendrobium Orchid Flower Information Common Names Dendrobium Scientific Name Genus species Orchid - Dendrobium aggregatum Family Orchidaceae History Since Victorian times, a special meaning has been attached to flowers. The flowers are native to Southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, the Philippines and Australia. Their name derives from the Greek word kymbe, meaning "boat," and refers to the blooms' hollowed lips. Dendrobium Orchid Flower Meaning Refinement, beauty Astrological Flowers N/A Birth Month Flower N/A Floral Design Qualities For Dendrobium Orchids Type Of Use: Flower Form: Line/Filler Fragrance: N/A Line: Straight or Curved Silhouette: Open/Branched Blossom Texture: Satin Stem Size: 12-18'' Blossom Size: 1-2'' Vase Life: 1-3 weeks Dendrobium Orchid Design Uses Dendrobium are used mostly in corsages and wedding work, but the flowers are versatile and can be incorporated into other [...]