Featured FITspiration: Rebecca
My FIT RxN Story… Below is my story (mixed in with some of the questions): There were was a time in my life where I had a lot of anxiety. My worst fear was having to be medicated so I looked for other alternatives. I began running as a way of relieving anxiety. After consistently running for a while I eventually signed up for the 2017 NYC marathon. During my marathon training, I came across a Groupon for FIT RxN and figured why not add strength training to my routine. The first month was brutal, but I began to fall in love with the process and the results. After finishing the marathon, I didn’t workout for over a month and noticed the change in how I felt physically and mentally. I was tired, sluggish and at times not able to focus. I came back to FIT RxN on a 10 day pass. On the first day back I felt so much better. I realized I had to make fitness a priority. I had to make it work no matter what was going on in my life. I now workout at FIT RxN 3-5 days a week. In a year I went from struggling to pick up 20 lbs to being able to deadlift over 100 lbs (biggest accomplishment yet). My fitness goal is to continue to get stronger. My journey has taught me to not limit myself. I work towards my goal day by day. I never thought I’d be able to accomplish what I have. Fitness has made me stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. Every instructor at FIT RxN has contributed to my goal (especially those who have switched the weights on me mid-exercise). The TRX Smoker is the class that challenges me the most. It kicks my ass every time, but I never regret going. Although my efforts determine my fitness journey, FIT RxN has given me the space to be consistent, challenged and enjoy working out. I love this place and will forever be grateful for it. #fitnesssavedmylife #strongerthanyouthink #notstrongforagirljuststrong