Featured FITspiration: Nichelle
What do you like most about working out at FIT RxN? The range of expertise among instructors, the competitive but warm and friendly environment and most importantly the results! Do you have specific fitness goals? Have they changed at all? Initially I just wanted to lose inches and firm up my backside. I have reached that goal and my aim now is to maintain my new physique and increase power. Are you (or your friends) noticing any changes in yourself since you started taking classes? I have been a student of fitness for over 30 years, I am a former Division I college basketball player, and I am currently pursuing a personal training certification with NASM. I know what good coaching and training is, and what it is not. I bore easily and have little patience for lackluster results. FIT RxN has helped me achieve previously unattained levels of fitness, keeping me motivated engaged all the while. My friends and family call me “skinny fit” What is your proudest moment so far in a class at FIT RxN? Consistently crushing double workouts: class either preceded or followed by a training session with Mr. Ray. What’s the next thing you’d like to accomplish at FIT RxN? 5 consecutive pullups on the rings What is your favorite class at FIT RxN? This is a tough one, but I particularly enjoy Core RxN. It never ceases to amaze me that we have never done a single crunch, but my abs are popping!