Featured FITspiration: Ahmad
What do you like most about working out at FIT RxN?FIT RxN is a community, or more like a fitness family. I take classes with people who challenge me to keep going to the very end. I do one-on-one training with Ray, whose expertise and charisma are unmatched. And I’ve never felt judged or like a failure. Do you have specific fitness goals?I started my fitness journey in August of 2017, and since then I’ve dropped from a size 42 pants waist to a size 36. I’m hoping to reach a size 32, while building more muscle and shedding the fat. Have they changed at all?I used to just want the number on the scale to drop. Now I want the number on those kettlebells to keep increasing. I want to be stronger, faster, leaner, and more flexible. Are you (or your friends) noticing any changes in yourself? My friends and colleagues are always asking if I’ve lost weight, which feels great. And my Southern-bred Black grandma wants to make sure I don’t “get too skinny” in the process, lol. What is your proudest moment so far at FIT RxN? The first time I dared to stay for a class after completing a one-on-one session with Ray. He had been challenging me to do it, and I finally agreed. So glad that I did. Those back to back sessions energize me all day, and I’ve met so many incredible people in class. What’s the next thing you’d like to accomplish at FIT RxN? I want to be able to get through multiple ab and core focused sets on the TRX without stopping. What is your favorite class at FIT RxN? This is a really, really hard question. I’m a huge fan of the boxing classes with Ray and Toussaint; the Smoker class is always fun and challenging; and Bonnie really knows how to crank up the heat in that 6 am TRX Cardio Mash Up. My arms are usually dead, but brunch afterwards or that glass of wine later in the day feels well earned.