Sweat Through Summer!
Keep yourself accountable and sweat your way through summer! ONLY 16 SPOTS AVAILABLE IN NYC ONLY 12 SPOTS AVAILABLE IN HOBOKEN What’s Included? 2 Classes per Week following a specific program designed to build lean muscle, decrease body fat and increase flexibility Nutritional Tips and Coaching 2 InBody Analysis tests: 1 before and 1 after What’s The Schedule? June 25-August 30 NYC: choose one HIIT: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am HIIT: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm BOXING: Monday and Wednesday 7:30pm Hoboken: HIIT: Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm You must commit to one of these classes, you may choose 1 other class during the week if space is available. Registered participants get preference in these classes. What’s The Price? $229 What If I Want To Take More Classes? Additional single classes will be available at a discount or ask us about our Unlimited membership deals. SPACE IS LIMITED! SIGN UP ASAP! HOBOKEN NYC