Advocacy - A review of Wright's Law - Fighting for Answers
When we first started advocating for our children we struggled to find appropriate and significant information about what we were trying to do. Initially, we tried to read the laws regarding special needs children, such as IDEA and Section 504. We were lost, until we found the site: Wright’s Law. Wright’s Law is a wealth of information relating to special education law. It provides timely information regarding nearly every aspect of the law. It provides examples and discussions regarding many aspects of the IDEA law. Or optionally you can order one of the books that gives you a complete paper coy of those aspects of the site. Books are listed as: Wright’s Law Special Education Law, 2nd Edition. Wright’s Law From Emotions to Advocacy, 2nd Edition. Wright’s Law All About IEP’s. There are other items that they sell which are just as good, but these three books should be inread more