Good Food. Great Snacks!
For more than 30 years Mister Snacks has provided an alternative to junk food for anybody looking for healthier snack options. Based in Buffalo, NY, Mister Snacks searches the world for exotic unique foods to mix with nuts and dried fruits. Aside from just being healthy, nearly all of the snacks are certified kosher by the OK Kosher Supervision of Brooklyn, NY. Mister Snacks also hosts vegan products! The variety of food for any diet is only part of the success of Mister Snacks. The snacks and mixes fall under the names Sunbird Snacks and Stone Mountain Snacks and are even available internationally. These delicious mixes host flavors for all taste buds! Cajun, barbecue, wasabi, and honey mustard give a delightful range of tastes for the mixed nuts and rice crackers. Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? Chocolate and yogurt flavored fruits are also available! Mister Snacks has crafted nutritional products that are fat-free or all natural, or have no added salt or [...]