This Week In History News, Jan. 14 | Facts & Facts
Mystery of Aztec plague solved, human historical past difficult by meteorite examine, and historic Greek plumbing system unearthed.Almost 500 Years Later, Scientists Confirm What Killed The Aztecs The GuardianAn Aztec pyramid in Mexico. In 1545, roughly 473 years in the past, the Aztec nation crumbled. People started coming down with excessive fevers and complications. Shortly after, they started bleeding from the eyes, mouth, and nostril. Then, they died. By 1550, 15 million folks, 80 % of the Aztec inhabitants, had been worn out. For centuries, scientists have been struggling to know simply how such a lethal occasion may transpire, and the way it may have arrived in Mexico. Now, nearly 500 years later, there could also be a solution. Dig deeper right here. Scientists Find These Meteorites Contain Everything Necessary For Life NASACeres, the dwarf planet which is the suspected origin of the meteorites. In 1998, two meteorites crashed to the bottom that contained tiny blue and