How to Prepare & Purchase Dungeness Crab | Everyday Hapa
Crab is my favourite type of seafood of all time. The delicate, sweet meat melts in your mouth like no other and I find myself craving it more often than I'd like to admit. Recently the local supermarket had a great deal on fresh, live crabs that I could not pass up. Dungeness crabs are a popular delicacy and are the most common commercially imported crab throughout the Pacific Northwest region. The sweet and tender flesh makes them extremely popular with over 53 million pounds being harvested annually. Here are some tips on how to prepare and purchase your crab. Enjoy! Purchasing: The best way of buying crabs are when they are alive (stored in tanks of salt water). They should not have an overly fishy smell or turned over on their backs as this is a sign that they have died. The freshest crabs will have a slight purple tinge to their shells. In tanks that are overly packed you may notice that the crabs have a brownish colour which is a result of algae growth. Do not be alarmed