FIT Resistance Bands (Set of 5 - Light to XXXHeavy) -PRE-ORDER - Eva Alordiah
SAVE over N2,000 when you PRE-ORDER. Don't have a Gym? Not enough funds month to month to pay for a Gym Membership? No Problem! With these dynamic heavy duty Fitness Bands, You can Achieve all of your Fitness Goals from the comfort of your Home, Office, Hotel, wherever you are! Tone your Arms, Build your Butt, Strengthen your Abs, Build Muscle, the variations are endless. The best part is they can become your favorite travel companion and you can take your Fitness with you wherever you go. It is time to drop all of the excuses you have had about your Fitness and set reasonable Goals for 2019. Pick these resistance bands up and begin to commit to 10-30 mins of workouts daily. The results will astound you! PRE-ORDER Now to Save Money. You receive a Set of 5 Bands in varying Weights from Light to XXXHeavy