Jabberwocky – Italobingo / La Yara EP | Et Musique Pour Tous
Italodisco is an essential genre and Jabberwocky are making sure it's also everlasting on their amazing new EP. The first track is "Italobingo" which feels like a lengthy head trip through a hazy dance floor with lights flickering, bodies moving, and a sense of time or place nonexistent. It's all about the groovy journey and I'll be damned if I'm not on board for its entirety. The second single "La Yara" is funky emotional goodness that feels like the soundtrack to a '70s melodrama where the love interests have a push and pull between one another before finally arriving in each other's arms where they belong. Jabberwocky's music isn't just audible, it's a cinematic experience that makes you see and feel things beyond the average imagination. I highly recommend getting on board this visceral train and never looking back. It's amazing that a French trio in 2019 is making topshelf music of a genre whose peak was in Italy during the 20th century. Good music transcends origins or