okaywill – Falling For You | Et Musique Pour Tous
okaywill has quickly become one of my favorite indie-pop voices after hearing his song "Pretend" and that feeling is even deeper with the release of his new. It's called "Falling For You" and it's a little slice of airy bliss that's like The Postal Service and Owl City had a sweet sonic child that who's the key to a pure endorphin rush each and every time you hear it. The lyrics about pure love only make that sense of comfort grounded even further, like floating away away on an airy cloud with rays of the sun shining bright on your face and making you feel wonderfully at peace. I can't get enough of how amazing this song is and how amazing it makes me feel, so I'm going to keep smashing the repeat button again and again. There's something about love that has a transcendent experience to it. It's not just an emotion, it's a deep feeling and an intellectual process working on overtime together. You can feel your skin tingle, but you can also sense your brain racing with thoughts about