Golden Vessel – SLOWSHINE | Et Musique Pour Tous
I looked and saw that Golden Vessel has made appearances on EMPT before, but I had to jump on the opportunity and make sure I got to write about his debut album because this just might be my favorite record of the year. For those unfamiliar he's an Australian artist who's made a name for himself on collaborations with talents across a vast amount of genres like rapper Duckwrth, buzzing vocalist Emerson Leif, and one of my favorite pop artists in the ever rising Mallrat. Golden Vessel manages to flesh out every single sound he's experimented with in the past into a tightknit collection of songs that all expertly flow together, exploring a ton of genres while uniquely, identifiably Golden Vessel. My personal favorites are the r&b leaning "HIGHWAY", the rap and indie-pop blend on "TONIGHT", and the beautiful full body experience of "WHITELITSKIES". There's really something for everyone on this album and I can't recommend it enough. Life is a slow shine. It takes years for us to