du0 – It's OK | Et Musique Pour Tous
This is my first taste of du0's work but I'm immediately hooked - "It's OK" is an absolute banger of massive proportions. The verses are subtly dramatic, but the hook is an utter monstrosity that emanates rumbling sonic waves of sound that shake the headphones with each pulse and feel cinematic enough to score the crux of an action movie. This is a song that, simply put, has an "it" factor that's impossible to quantify but makes it readily apparent that it'll have a lasting impact on each and every set of ears it spreads its Richter Scale registering sounds to. Good luck listening to "It's OK" and not feeling utterly empowered, ready to take on the day with brute force and make sure everything goes your way! We don't remind ourselves enough that it's ok. As humans with the ability to self reflect, we beat ourselves up so much over mistakes (or what we perceive as mistakes) rather than accepting the course of life for what it is, learning lessons, and moving onward and upwards. Whether