Mirage Club – Communication | Et Musique Pour Tous
Who better than the French to deliver an effortlessly cool indie-pop jam? The answer is truly no one as Mirage Club make readily apparent - their new single "Communication" is a funky, groovy tour through '70s and '80s influence channeled via the lens of crystal clear modern production stylings. It's a track best suited for sweaty dance floors where any sense of time is lost and sensory overload leads to being suspended somewhere between the past, present, and future as the swaying of bodies moves from one point to the next. For a song that sounds so good via headphones alone at home, I can only imagine hearing this with the presence of dynamic buzzing bodies where everyone's vibration and energy mixes into a potent spark of positivity. I think communication is a mixture of inherent and learned behavior. Some people have a knack for knowing exactly what to say and how to say it, while others have to go through trial and error to best discover how to reciprocate ideas and feelings with