Jesse And The Wolf – Talk To Me | Et Musique Pour Tous
Jesse And The Wolf is one the premier production start ups in the game right now and they come through with a straight up scorcher on "Talk To Me". It's like my favorite old school soul rockers came together and decided to chop up a legendary genre into an offering that's purely for the dance floors. Its jumpy stop-and-start hook is some infectious ear candy that would be just as good being performed by a live band as it would be dropped in the midst of a sweaty DJ set on a beachside hall where bodies are constantly moving, handheld fans are waved, and the ocean breeze cruises in for constant comfort. I loved last year's "Hurt Me No More" but this new one is without a doubt my favorite Jesse And The Wolf joint to date. I honestly detest when people beat around the bush - just talk to me and tell me what's on your mind. We only have limited time on Earth as we know it so there's no point in concealing intentions - be honest, be forthright, and let me know if our paths are meant to align