Taylor Beau & Lil Anne – Faded | Et Musique Pour Tous
Anne Winters might be best known for her award-winning acting chops, but she shows an equally exciting knack for singing on her debut music single. It's a fitting release for the newly anointed Lil Anne as it comes alongside none other than her partner in crime Taylor Beau, a connection that can be felt through the song as it oozes romantic chemistry. The back-and-forth trading of verses from one to another makes for a perfect duet in a classic r&b style as Anne plays the one asking pertinent questions while Beau tries to explain them away with utterly smooth vocals that make his past boyband involvement more than apparent. I look forward to hearing these two cross paths again musically and also seeing what Anne can do when she goes solo. There's so much potential here all around! I feel like "Faded" touches on a classic case of lust that we've all experienced at one point or another. One of my worst romantic experiences was a time where I had fallen for a girl and wanted to be in