Haunted Days – Next Winter | Et Musique Pour Tous
Haunted Days has come through with an utterly beautiful track that just might be my favorite release of the year. It's understated yet dramatic, freezing yet familiar, classic yet forward-thinking. The producer has delivered a blend of sounds that sit somewhere on an isolated iceberg in a sea of dusty hip-hop percussion, evaporating vocal samples, and keys that circulate through the mist with a melodramatic sigh. Everything about this song is a visceral experience that takes you away to a totally different headspace between dreams and reality, like a deep meditation where conscious thought drifts away and a deeper connection with the universe is fostered. I'm an absolute preacher of meditation's benefits. We might be at our most technologically advanced point in human history, but we've totally lost touch with ourselves amidst these urban jungles where overstimulation from lights and crowds and noise channel us into a chaotic state whether it's conscious or unconscious. Meditation