Las Aves – You Need A Dog | Et Musique Pour Tous
Las Aves are masters in edgy pop music and that couldn't be more apparent on "You Need A Dog". This reminds me of the bombast of Sleigh Bells with the gritty electronics of Crystal Castles all the while sounding like a main-stage pop anthem. I'm usually not a fan of spoken intros, but they totally pull it off with utter coolness and it gives a wonderfully colorful layer to the song that gives genuine context. The chorus on this is so fun and huge and warrants blasting with your friends so you can all sing along. Throw this one on with someone close going through a breakup and help them experience the catharsis of saying fuck it and letting all the stress and tension go. It can be so frustrating watching people you love going through cyclical relationships where nothing ever seems to change. It doesn't matter who the person they're with at the moment - the toxicity seems like a constant but it's not your place to tell them how you see it from an outsider's perspective. They have to have