Kasbo – Places We Don't Know Remix EP | Et Musique Pour Tous
I loved the ford. remix from this EP and somehow the entire project manages to be as consistently beautiful as that track. I'd heard some of these previously like the Tennyson and Billboard flips and seriously dug them, but I'm truly excited about the newest ones. In particular, my favorites are the insanely engrossing takes from Super Duper and Autolaser. I've been a huge fan of Super Duper for a minute now and his signature sound is a match made in heaven to take on a Kasbo song, while Autolaser has released some of my favorite singles to spin during night drives and comes through yet again with a beauty that will soundtrack some of my favorite moments. For a producer as talented as Kasbo, it's no surprise that he was able to identify such a profound collective of musicians and deliver one of the most cohesive remix EPs I've ever heard. I'm in a zone right now. Anxieties have been put to rest, self care has resumed, and the ability to be of service to people around me has blossomed.